IBM posts lowest quarterly revenue in five years at $22.5 bn
IBM hopes to raise profitability as it shifts its business from hardware to cloud computing and data analysis
French regulator orders Nestle to allow rival coffee capsules on Nespresso
The French regulator yesterday ruled that Nestle should allow its competitors' branded coffee capsules to be used on its single-serve Nespresso coffee system
Robin K Dhowan takes over as Chief of Staff of Indian Navy
Admiral Robin K Dhowan has taken over as Chief of Staff of the Indian Navy, nearly two months after Adm D K Joshi quit as naval chief
Alibaba Group's valuation at $168-bn on record Q4 earnings
Yahoo Inc, which holds a 24-per cent stake in Alibaba, saw its stock rising by as much as 9 per cent in trading yesterday after Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba Group's Q4 results
SC upholds CAG's powers to audit accounts of private telcos
The apex court has held that since private companies ''utilise spectrum'', the CAG can look into their profit-and-loss accounts so as to ensure that the government receives its ''legitimate share'' of revenue
Microsoft ''most attractive'' employer in India: survey
Indian responses were in line with global traits where salary and employee benefit followed job security
SC set to unfreeze Sahara accounts for Roy's bail
The Supreme Court on Wednesday said it was prepared to lift the freeze on the Sahara Group's bank accounts so that it can pay the Rs10,000 crore bail the apex court has set for the release of its chief Subrata Roy
After China, Iraq, Poland, GSK bribery probe now expands to Jordan, Lebanon
The probe into a whistle-blower's allegations that British drug giant GlaxoSmithKline's employees bribed doctors to prescribe its products has now expanded to the Middle East
A molecular approach to solar power
A team at MIT and Harvard University has come up with a material that can absorb the sun's heat and store that energy in chemical form, ready to be released again on demand
Lashing out at your spouse? Check your blood sugar
Lower levels of blood sugar may make married people angrier at their spouses and even more likely to lash out aggressively, new research reveals.
Foreign Trade Policy for 2009-14
Union Budget: 2013-14
Economic Survey : 2012-13
  7 Myths of CEO Succession: are boards taking the right steps to find the next CEO?
  The CEO's departure is, sooner or later, inevitable – but are companies prepared for it?
  How widespread is tax evasion?
  Every 1 per cent increase in the top US tax rate leads to an increase of 2.1 per cent to 2.8 per cent in foreign portfolio investment (FPI) from tax havens by Peter Dizikes
  "We focused on service over rapid growth": Rajiv Srivatsa
  After a tryst with IIM (B) and the corporate world, Rajiv Srivatsa co-founder of 'Urban Ladder'decided to venture into a home décor and furniture start-up. In this interview, he talks to Swetha Amit about the challenges in setting up the online business and its future plans
  What's next for Ukraine?
  While Western leaders are scrambling to find a way to limit Russia's actions, some of  suggest that Russia could incur serious long-term costs from economic sanctions or reduced access to capital. Peter Dizikes, MIT News Office
  Global attack needed to catch credit thieves
  Online credit theft is a global problem that requires a global solution, argues Michigan State University criminologist Thomas Holt in a new report for the National Institute of Justice
  Attractive men fare best in gaining venture capital: MIT study
  You can't judge a startup by the looks of its founder - but many potential investors do;  women and less-attractive men lag in the effort to find financial backing for startups.By Peter Dizikes
  Countries most at risk from Ukraine-style revolt identified
  A teaching tool developed to investigate the relationship between digital technology and political upheaval correctly identified Ukraine as the country most-likely to undergo a revolution
  One ''villain'' of the housing crisis played only a small role
  One of the major factors blamed for the sub prime mortgage crisis may have actually played only a minor role in the housing meltdown, new research by Itzhak Ben-David, an author of the study and assistant professor of finance at Ohio State University's Fisher College of Business, suggests
  Managing Gen Y's expectations is a challenge: Dr Ganesh Natarajan
  Dr Ganesh Natarajan, vice chairman and CEO of Zensar Technologies, talks to Swetha Amit about his new book What we really want, which explores the aspirations of Gen Y, the role of the corporate sector in dealing with these aspirations and the future of the IT industry
  Mr Chidambaram's fiscal chimera
  History would remember Chidambaram's landmark reforms such as the rationalisation of direct taxes, but his record would also be marked by an easy readiness to resort to accounting gimmicks. Look closely, his interim budget would make even the most creative of corporate CFOs proud. Nevertheless, this illusion would make us all feel good until it pops. By Shivshanker Verma
  FM delivers on fiscal consolidation
  The focus of the budget has rightly been on resuscitating growth while adhering to fiscal prudence, says Assocham president and Yes Bank co founder, Rana Kapoor
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