BSkyB acquires Fox's pay-TV assets in Germany and Italy for $9 bn
The sale of the pay-TV assets in Germany and Italy is seen as Murdoch's move to raise money to fund the takeover of Time Warner
Facebook's $190-bn market cap brings it in IBM's league
Facebook's market cap now ranks it as the 14th most valuable company in the S&P 500
Jaitley hopes to bring back black money soon
Finance minister Arun Jaitley today said that India will not have to wait long for bringing back black money stashed away by Indians in overseas tax havens
Tata Steel raises $1.5 bn in major foreign bonds sale
Tata Steel has raised $1.5 billion (Rs9,000 crore) in a dual-tranche bond sale in the international market, making it the largest such deal by the Tata Group company
IMF cuts global growth forecast to 3.4%; India's growth unchanged at 5.4%
The IMF is optimistic that global growth will rebound as the temporary constraints recede and recent global policy actions to support expansion gain
First ever biological amplifier created by Imperial scientists
Cientists have made an amplifier to boost biological signals, using DNA and harmless E. coli bacteria
Union Budget: 2014-15
Economic Survey : 2013-14
Foreign Trade Policy for 2009-14
  Politics not economics caused income inequality in the US?
  A study suggests that the politically-induced decline in the strength of worker unions may have played a pivotal role than previously understood,for the growing income inequality in the United States
  Economics determines Somalian support for piracy: Oxford - Kings study
  Somali communities protect pirates only as a last resort or when there is no alternative source of income, a new study has found
  Budget with clear roadmap for infrastructure
  Given the fiscal constraints, the finance minister has very intelligently calibrated his maiden Budget to promote growth and employment without sacrificing prudence, argues, Hemant Kanoria, CMD, Srei Infrastructure Finance Limited
  The perils of Bitcoin as currency
  The similarities between bitcoin and the gold standard go beyond the metaphor of ''mining,'' which describes how new bitcoins are dug up with computing power, argues Rahul Singh, ISPS Director's Fellow in Domestic Policy
  Fairy tales for the corporate world
  Tulika Tripathi, managing director, Asian operations, Hudson Global Inc, talks to  Swetha Amit about her new book, Alice in Corporate Land, which draws career growth lessons from the popular fairy tale Alice in Wonderland and how to be successful in corporate life.
  Demystifying talking ATMs
  In a move to reach out to a wider audience, RBI recently passed a directive asking banks to convert all new deployments into Talking ATMs and set up a road map for converting existing ATMs into ones that "talk". Navroze Dastur, managing director,financials, NCR India, outlines what these machines can do
  Budget to set roadmap for the economy
  The budget must remove hurdles to fast-track capacity creation in vital infrastructure sectors, particularly power and roads. By Hemant Kanoria, chairman and managing director, Srei Infrastructure Finance Limited
  Taking a chance with better bankruptcy protection
  New research  finds increased personal bankruptcy protection pre-2005 led to increase in household debt, but without measurable increase in average defaults. By MIT's  Felipe Severino, from Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth
  Public distrust, threat of severe Russian sanctions impacting global economy: CFO survey
  Chief financial officers around the world indicate that public mistrust of business and political leaders has harmed the business environment. They also say that severe sanctions on Russia would hurt the economies of their home countries.
  Pitch it: parallels between cricket and the corporate
  IT professional and author Dev Prasad has held senior management positions at various American and European multinational firms and worked as a part time freelance copywriter for advertising agencies talks to Swetha Amit about his new book, Pitch It! drawing analogies between cricket and the corporate world
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